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The Williamsburg Community Association is very proud of the work it does on behalf of the community. Listed below are some of our accomplishments and some things which we continue to work on. As you can imagine it's a continuous effort, but with everyone doing a little together we can do a lot. 

  • Arranged for new directional traffic signals at Milford & Sudbrook Roads.

  • Helped a family on Milford Mill Rd. with plumbing accident by BGE and a $6,000. water bill caused by the accident

  • Conducted a very successful Spring Tree-Give-a-way to community members

  • Subdivision Sign, installed Dec. 2021

  • Direct Access to Bureau of Highways for tree and shrubbery containment at the corner of Milford Mill and Sudbrook

  • Advocating for the community by negotiating with Balto. County School System (BCPS) to improve the footprint of their plans for the rebuilding of Bedford E.S.

  • Submission of new grant for COP requesting a much larger financial request

  • Participate in the Annual National Night Out Against Crime Program

  • Have an active Citizens On Patrol

  • Apply for Baltimore County Block Grants

  • Creation of our own website:

  • Initiated ability for homeowners to pay dues on-line or in person by credit card

  • Annual Holiday Party

  • Established Community Flea Markets

  • Spring Clean-Up with Dumpsters/Shredder

  • Developing internal "WCA Fix-it List" so residents can share info about various service providers for our homes

  • Developed relationships w/ local gov't: county council and county exec

  • Curb and road repairs on Eldon Ct. and the 700 block of Sturgis Place

  • Curb and road repairs on Campfield Rd. and Monita Rd.

  • Had fallen street signage replaced (corner of Sudbrook and Rockridge Roads)

  • Had fallen hydrants restored (corner of Sudbrook and Milford Mill Roads)

  • Improving property values through cooperative zoning law enforcements

  • Developed a relationship w/ Police Precinct IV

  • Dealing w/ abandoned cars and traffic obstructions

  • Welcome Wagon initiative

  • Sharing information w/in the community

  • Increasing neighborliness

  • COP Signs posted in the neighborhood

  • Drive Like Your Kids Live Here Signs posted in the neighborhood

  • Assistance in dealing with individual resident's complaints

  • Developed relationships with the Enviornmental & Sustainability Division of Balto. County

  • Worked with BG&E to improve various elements of our power infrastructure

  • Dog Curbing signs posted in the neighborhood

  • Semi- Annual Community Yard Sales in the Spring and Fall Additional and/or new lighting posts on Kahn Dr.

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