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We are now collecting dues for our 2023 membership year. We rely on your membership to make our community Association successful. Williamsburg Community Association dues continue to be $25.00 for the year but we appreciate you becoming a Donor Member and contributing above that.

Please watch for our next community meeting or future event and join your neighbors to show your participation. We hope to hear from you soon!

The membership period is a calendar year, i.e.: January through December. Being a paid member of the Williamsburg Community Association will allow you to receive information about upcoming events. Dues also help to offset the cost of community mailings and events sponsored by the Association.

Here's where you can pay your membership dues of $25.00 or dues plus a donation using a credit/debit card. In PayPal, when asked to "Add a Note" please include the name, home address and phone number you would like the payment credited to.

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